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Name: Goh Rong Hui
Nick: HuiHuiz
Skool: Dunman High Secondary
class: 2I
Age : AttRAtiVe single male 14
b-dae: 12/5/2005 ((ReMeMbEr 2 BuY himm presenTZ worrz...<3)) PROFILE HERE. (;

Designer: STEPH.
Brushes: 1;2;3;4;
Image: 1.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the hacker pls tell me hu are pls... i reli wanna noe hu u are, i hope tat u will 4giv wadever things i did to u, im willing to apologise, but u mus let mi noe wad did i did wrong and who are u? maybe all tis is jus a misunderstanding? pls reveal urself!!!

5:04 PM

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