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Name: Goh Rong Hui
Nick: HuiHuiz
Skool: Dunman High Secondary
class: 2I
Age : AttRAtiVe single male 14
b-dae: 12/5/2005 ((ReMeMbEr 2 BuY himm presenTZ worrz...<3)) PROFILE HERE. (;

Designer: STEPH.
Brushes: 1;2;3;4;
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the hacker pls tell me hu are pls... i reli wanna noe hu u are, i hope tat u will 4giv wadever things i did to u, im willing to apologise, but u mus let mi noe wad did i did wrong and who are u? maybe all tis is jus a misunderstanding? pls reveal urself!!!

5:04 PM

Sunday, June 04, 2006

HAH! ronghui... i hate ush 4ebax. I hab tot abt manny wayz 2 "haunt" ush. N finallay, i hab hacked in2 ur blog. Mwahaha. I pity e maker of thish blogskinn vry muchh. He/she took shho muchh time n efforrt 2 make thish blogskinn, n i used it on ush. N e gal, kia yi or whaatebas her name isshx, she helped ush make ur blogskinn, n i destroyyed it. I noex ur reaction whenn ush see thissh post. Ush wilbe ignore ittsh n laff at miisxh wibe ur fwennz. Fine wibe miisxh, but, be noewn thatt i noe ush vewy well. Jussh by telling ush thatt i noe you libbe in tampines will sayys alott aboutt my noelege aboutt ush. i habe changed your passworrd worrx. Don't worry NP people, i'll liff ur squad blog alonnesh... i only hab hatred wibe RH.
manii ppl wilbe tiink that i issh dumb, bcos i use thissh kindd of typing, but, it's a disguish,
ush wilbe thinnk that i issh dumb cos i change e blogskinn 4 himmx, but i do thissh 2 suit miish.
whaat ebas ush all sayx, i'll ignorre.
cos, RH, ush hab hurt mii n i'll hate ush.
i can sayy i am a gal
or i am a guy
but RH ush hurt miish
ush all mite be on his side
cos he ish u all's fwen
but pls stepp in2 my shoeex
he hurt miish,
he betrayed miish
he used other ppl's names to trick miish.
Don't sayy ush didn't, ush don't even noe urselff gd enuff, ush hab no rite 2 say i issh wrong.

5:09 PM

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